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‘Making energy a consideration in everything we do’

I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Army Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology community to prioritize energy as a keydecision factor in the Army.

The Army is changing the way we view power and energy by making it a consideration in everything we do, fromdecision making to equipping a squad out on patrol, to exploring better use of the energy we have, to constructing and modernizing our facilities to meet highperformance building standards.

Collectively, the Army has a challenge before us: to provide our Soldiers a decisive advantage in any mission bydeveloping, acquiring, fielding, and sustaining the world’s best equipment and services, and by leveraging technologies and capabilities to meet current and future Army needs.

Often, the decisive advantage is having the power and energy required to power a Soldier. Emerging technologies, such as the Soldier Wearable Integrated Power Equipment System taken to the field by the Iron Rangers [1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment], is helping to leverage new technologies. The Soldier System Integration Lab at Fort Devens, MA, is helping us design and measure systems in order to provide Soldiers the capabilities they will have to have to meet future Army needs.

We are not only examining new technologies, but also reexamining how we are using the resources we already have. We are changing the Army’s culture and making energy a consideration in everythingwe do.

Today, we are giving Soldiers and leaders the authority and capability to manage all aspects of energy to include status, resources, and performance. We are significantly reducing our energy footprint. We are providing flexibility and resiliency by developing alternatives and adaptable capabilities.

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