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People First


As I have mentioned in several previous columns, my philosophy at the U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) is “People First.” The theme for this edition of Army AL&T magazine is “The Army Acquisition Workforce.” If you are a frequent reader of my column, you’ve seen an in-depth focus on the training, education and experience that Army Acquisition Workforce members need to best serve the Soldier, as well as insights on how the men and women of the Army Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (AL&T) Workforce succeedin their jobs.

But how is policy converted into practice? That is done by our little organization called the USAASC. (See Figure 1 on Page 152.) It’s my organization, one of only 10 direct reporting units (DRUs) in the Army. I believe it is altogether fitting to provide a “Did You Know?” accounting of how USAASC professionals put the 42,000plus people who make up the Army Acquisition Workforce first by sustaining strategic planning, personnel security, force protection, data management, human resources, resource management and force structure for 12 program executive offices (PEOs) throughout thecountry. As the Director, Acquisition Career Management (DACM) Office, we also foster the professional growth of the Army AL&T Workforce through functional and developmental training.

Here’s how the seven divisions of Headquarters, USAASC and the Army Acquisition Center of Excellence (AACoE) execute these missions.


As the deputy DACM, I am responsible for the career management and development of the AL&T Workforce and U.S. Army Acquisition Corps (AAC). The Acquisition Career Development Division (ACDD), in coordination with USAASC’s Workforce Management Division (WMD), serves as the Army DACM Office responsible for acquisition proponency, advocating for members of the Army AL&T Workforce and AAC in 14 acquisition career fields (ACFs). Specifically, ACDD: Attends Office of the Secretary of Defense-level functional integrated product team (FIPT) meetings in support of these ACFs as Army DACM Office representatives. Handles DOD Instruction 5000.66, “Operation of the Defense Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics [AT&L] Workforce Education, Training and Career Development Program,” tenet 5.3, on the responsibilities of heads of DOD components. Duties include providing opportunities for both civilian and military members of the Defense AT&L Workforce to acquire the acquisition education, training and experience (AETE) necessary to qualify for senior positions; designating AT&L critical acquisition positions; and selecting key leadership positions for approval by the

Craig A. Spisak Director, U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center

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