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by Ms. Silva Manjikian

To expedite the delivery of technology to Soldiers, Program Executive Office (PEO) Ammunition continuously seeks sensible ways to shorten often-lengthy acquisition timelines. A revision to Army Regulation (AR) 700-142, “Type Classification, Materiel Release, Fielding, and Transfer,” that the PEO helped influence now allows the Army to eliminate the type classification (TC) process when adopting, without configuration changes, ammunition already fielded to other military services.

AR 700-142 assigns responsibilities and prescribes policies for the Army’s TC and full materiel release (FMR) processes. TC, a prerequisite to the FMR process, ensures that materiel is acceptable and safe for Army use before expending procurement funds; meets mission-intended requirements; and is logistically supportable in its intended environment. FMR ensures that the materiel is safe, suitable—meeting all operational performance requirements—and logistically supportable before it is released

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